Relay Run from Montreal – NYC: play-by-play

Running for Athletes Video Montage.

Running for Athletes – Montreal NYC relay race November 2009 from Esprit de Corps on Vimeo.

Anthony’s interview with ‘A Morning Channel’ in Ottawa.

Anthony, Kim and Antje warming up with lunges in front of the PwC offices.

Sarah and Kim performing dynamic stretches along the RV.

Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal setting up to escort the ”Running for Athletes” team.

Getting everyone into the spirit for our departure.

The countdown, the departure.

And we are off … a few words with members of the team and our supporters.

Heading Eastbound on Rene-Levesque West and interviewing Summer Olympian Andreanne Morin and members of Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal.

The last 10km before reaching the US border.

Antje arrives at the US border and hands-off the bracelet to William. NYC here we come!!!

Interview after Antje’s first 10km (and a little more) and experience crossing the US border.

Anthony’s quick interview before his first 10km.

Interview after Anthony’s first 10km and look into what happens besides running.

Interview after Edith’s first 10km and interview with Pierre-Joseph’s second 10km.

Interview after Antje’s third 10km and interview before Anthony’s third 10km.

Interview after Anthony’s third 10km.

Interview before Anthony’s fourth 10km and interview after Antje’s fourth 10km.

Anthony steps on Sara’s toes and it hurts.

Interview after Pierre-Joseph’s sixth and final 10km.

Interview after Antje’s sixth and final 10km.

Singing and playing New York, New York in the RV while William entered into the Bronx.

Interview before Anthony’s last and final 10km and meet up with William.

Running through the Bronx at 5am.

Anthony and William running through the Bronx and picking up Edith for her sixth and final 10km.

Anthony, Edith and William running across the Broadway Bridge into Manhattan.

Anthony, Edith and William running together in Manhattan and discussing future projects.

Anthony, Aviva, Edith, Pierre-Joseph and William running the streets of Manhattan.

The RV following the runners down the streets of Manhattan blasting, ”I Will Survive”.

Anthony, Aviva, Edith, Pierre-Joseph and William running down Broadway.

The team coming together to celebrate the completion of Edith’s sixth and final 10km.

Anthony, Aviva, Pierre-Joseph and William running towards Broadway and Central Park.

The team painfully coming together to run the last 2 km together.

Running as a team towards our destination: The Empire State Building.

Running on broadway and getting closer to Times Square.

Running towards Times Square …

Running into Times Square.

Running past Times Square, next stop: The Empire State Building.

Our destination is in sight.

The arrival at our destination: The Empire State Building.

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